My Fried Rice Recipe

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Hey Guys!

So I’ve decided to let you in on how I make my fried rice. To be honest when I cook I usually just make use of everything I have……yaaaa. I feel cooking has a lot to do with creativity, like how wild you let your imagination run with food, how you want it to look and taste and from all this I try to create all I’ve imagined.  It might sound weird to some of you that are precise with measuring ingredients and all but hey we’re all different. Through this I get to explore and sometimes even create the weirdest and tastiest meals ever.

Ok back to the main deal, fried rice.

1. Boil some rice <brown or white> till its just soft enough. I really don’t like it mushy.

2. Chop up and get all the goodies you want in. For me they are usually onions, sausages <chicken frankfurters>, shrimps/prawns, mixed veggies.

3. Pour some oil <olive oil> in the pan and add the onions till they turn golden brown and you can perceive a lovely aroma.

4. I then add all the goodies and spice them up! <Thyme, Italian seasoning, Knorr cubes, garlic, pepper ginger….girl any thing you want….THAT SEEMS SENSIBLE>. Let the seasoning soak in.

5. Pour in the boiled rice and add some soy sauce. Stir properly till evenly distributed and then reduce the heat so it fries more for some time <7mins>

6. After serving I like slicing some tomatoes into a pattern on the rice, just to make it look prettyyyyy.


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