Dear Suicidal,

Don’t! Please don’t give up that easily. I know you’ve tried to get through and to be honest I’m proud of you that you’ve held on this long because you know what I get you, life is such a bitch. But I’m not going to let you give up cause you’re stronger than this but you don’t even know. Every minute, every day is very unpredictable, give yourself a chance to experience tomorrow. And tomorrow give your another chance. Its hard but possible. People you live with will miss you if you let your thoughts take over trust me and if they are the cause of this screw them who needs them anyway? Have you spoken to God? If you’re not christian have you spoken to your supreme being? Have you cried out your frustration to Him?

That’s the thing most times we think we are meant to carry the burden of life alone but thats where we’re wrong. Speak to someone, thats the first step. And even if this fails God would never see you sad and leave you. NEVER.

You probably feel like you have nothing to hold on to but the fact that you’ve held on this long means you have a little string of faith you’re clinging to. Thats because things do get better, you’re going to come out of this stronger than ever and you’re never going to let this bitch called life control you. Now give yourself that chance.


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