Kanye’s Quote

Hi Guys!

So I was going through a book of mine where I usually write in when I feel inspired or when read an amazing quote that just hits me. And I came across this quote:

‘People are so scared to lose that they don’t even try” – Kanye West 

Most times we all have this amazing idea, “Oh shit this is going to be so amazing, if only I could just do this this….urghh this is too much I should probably chill till next week, next year…… next never”

This is unfortunately how most of us think. To be honest I am guilty as well but at one point you have to stop and at least try. You never know how things would turn out so just take a first step and try. You have nothing to lose, over time if things don’t work out you would have learnt over the period, experience is the best teacher you know. And just what if things go the other way, that is you become successful then, you would be happy you took the bold step of trying. Below is the link to the video on Kanye, I hope this helps in some way! Please feel free to leave comments!

Kanye West On Failure

Remain Blessed





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