Soweto Gospel Choir

So I like to think I listen to different genres of music but lately I recently stumbled on this amazing gospel choir, they are the Soweto Gospel Choir! <yeah I know I’m late…in fact very late>. I listened to some of their songs on Spotify but I really liked these four. Two include features, one with Dare Art Alade, a Nigerian artist and Joe Praize, I think he is South African <please correct me if I’m wrong *facepalm*>

I only understand Pray For Me as it is sung in a Nigerian language <yoruba> but as for the others nahh,  as I’m not South African and don’t understand the language <wish I did tho>. I assure you they all sound nice. Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika is actually the national anthem of South Africa. Below are the links, please feel free to share some songs you think give the same vibes these songs give and I’ll listen. Thank you 🙂

Mighty God- Joe Praize ft Soweto Gospel Choir

Pray For Me – Darey ft Soweto Gospel Choir

Shosholoza – Soweto Gospel Choir

Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika (South African National Anthem)- Soweto Gospel Choir


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