This Is Quite Random

So my cousin had some pictures of me and some of fam on his phone from the 4th of July and I told him to please send them to me for the blog. Having a samsung phone he said I have to download an app on my mac and that I should do it myself. But I told him to just send it via email. We literally just stayed there for like 5 mins pushing the task to the other, laughing about it without doing it. It’s not like its so hard so I don’t know why he doesn’t want to do it <_< ._. >_> It was just really hilarious and silly shifting the task to the other all cause of laziness. The same thing happened with placing orders online, he just casually strolled into the room and said “Oh yeah you have to place the orders tonight so they arrive in time”……I’m like “Bruh what happened to your hands? You do it lmaoooo”

Being around family ❤


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