Do You Know About Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Hey Guys ! I hope everyone’s doing fine.

I had an idea to blog about a smoothie recipe I usually make but on a second note I decided to share the main reason I got into watching things I eat. I feel this would actually help someone out there.

A few years ago a family member had a near death experience and this was due to a medical condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis usually called DVT. That family member was my mum. I doubt a lot of people are aware of this especially in Nigeria where I am from but I’ll explain what I understand and add a link at the end of this post if you want to read more about it. DVT occurs when a blood clot forms in one or more of the deep veins in your body usually in your legs. It can happen when you don’t move for a long time for example long flights, it is always advisable to take breaks to walk around during the cabin. Another example is after a surgery when you’re confined to your bed. It sometimes causes your leg to swell which is sort of a symptom if you’re lucky and other times it has no symptoms which is the terrifying part. Why DVT is a serious condition is because the blood clots in the veins can break lose, travel through your bloodstream and lodge in your lungs, this would block the flow of blood and just like that people die. It’s really scary but as far as you are aware of it you can then be cautious and when diagnosed there are ways to manage it. <Knowledge is power>

I was away in boarding school when she had the crisis and I did notice something was up because my parents usually came together to see me during open days<visiting days> but suddenly it was just always my dad alone and whenever I asked him he’d just say “Oh mummy is fine just busy with work”. The next open day same story, at one point I wasn’t buying it but he seemed normal so I brushed it off. It wasn’t until I got home for the holidays and saw my mum lying almost lifeless on the bed with a straw to take food in that I realised my mum was never busy and now saying she was in a bad state is even  an understatement. The shock and emotions were overwhelming I literally ran out of the room and just cried. I really don’t know how my dad did it but he is the strongest man I know. He really did try to protect me from knowing the harsh reality by staying strong just so I could focus on school and not worry. Luckily for me I had my cousins around so we had each others support. I’m would forever be grateful to my friends who prayed with me whenever I had bad thoughts and cried in school just cause I didn’t know what was happening at home.This was a really hard time me and for the family, till date I still tear up when I remember but I  can’t thank God enough for seeing us through that awful phase and restoring my mum’s health. She is now very well ^^

I decided to open up about this because many have no idea what DVT is, how deadly it is and how most of us take our health and lives for granted. After this experience my family started taking our diet seriously, this was mainly because a family friend of ours always brought some freshly juiced carrot for my mum in the hospital and slowly she started regaining her strength and got better <NOTE: SHE DID NOT ABANDON HER MEDICINE>. When my mum was strong enough she started her research on living a healthier life. She discovered “The Juice Master”, I’ll put the link at the end of the post. There she got her juicer, blender and some supplements,  stopped buying sodas <this was heartbreaking for me at the time>, reduced her cooking oil usage, changed completely from vegetable oil to olive oil, eating salads regularly and much more.

To some “Healthy Living” is scary because you feel its hard to break away from your regular habits to snacking on junk or you feel vegetables are boring and just “eww” but to be honest it can be fun. Your food shouldn’t make you depressed. It’s always easier to transition i’ll explain, first switch to a healthier oil, if you usually have a soda a day cut down to three a week till one day you’ll realise “oh wow I haven’t had any this month”. For people who aren’t fans of veggies like broccoli one thing about smoothies is that you can put in a big whole broccoli with some lime and lemon water, cucumber, celery, kale/spinach and apples <this is my fav recipe actually > AND NOT EVEN TASTE THE BROCCOLI! Don’t believe me? Try it!

Over time I would write more on what I eat, recipes <food, smoothies and juicers>. I must say that sometimes I slack and munch on a whole pack of cookies but its all about being conscious of what goes in, how to get healthier and maintaining it. We all have our different stories, this is mine and I hope it serves as a good reminder that our health, that of our families and all lives do matter.

Here are the links,

DVT- Mayo Clinic


Juice Master

<Oh don’t do it>  Fox’s Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies <Ohmygod>

Thanks for reading and please help share this! xx




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