Different Tune?

Hey Guys!

So I just thought to share two Nigerian songs I currently listened to and really like cause they sound very different from the regular tunes <If you know this YOU KNOW lol>. Not that I don’t like the usual party jams, its just not everyday if you get what I mean.

The first one is the King Kong Remix by Vector ft Phyno, Reminisce, Uzi and Classiq. The link is below

King Kong Remix – Vector ft Phyno, Reminisce, Uzi, Classiq

The second is Karishika by Falz ft Phyno and Chigurl. I actually just watched the video right before writing this post, I think it came out yesterday. Don’t we all love Falz and Chigurl they’re just ridiculously funny and we all know Phyno never fails to deliver his Ibo bars <lol>. He makes Ibo sound so good idk idk.

Karishika – Falz ft Phyno & Chigurl

I feel the videos of the two songs are a bit similar, they both have this scary theme. Don’t know if scary is the right word but if you watch the videos you’ll get what I mean.

Ayyy this is random but I recently just saw the video of Iyanya’s new song “Applaudise”, it’s good I like it but I don’t understand something, at the start of the video the girl’s family were eating lunch/dinner <I suppose> but there was no dining table. I mean as a whole family stand to eat? That just seemed odd to me, perhaps I’m missing something.

Anyway that’s all for now boos. Have a lovely weekend!



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