Everyone Should Be Educated

Hiii ^^

It seems to me that a lot of people are still not familiar with the numerous online learning platforms that offer so many courses free of charge. And no you didn’t read that wrong, I mean absolutely free. It is quite unfortunate that education in recent times is kinda like a business, you have to pay so much and not everyone can afford it. Well that’s what inspired this post!

Here are three platforms I’m quite familiar with:

-Khan Academy



You can choose what ever you wish to learn about, some offer courses that are self-paced, that is you learn at your own speed <how fast you understand>. One major thing about this is self discipline, it is one thing to select the courses it is another to actually devote time to watch the videos, do assignments, tests and all it involves. But hey! If you really want something you should be willing to do everything <right> to get it.

Now I would say the only downside to this is “ONLINE”, meaning if you’ve got no internet connection its a no go area and sadly to many on this planet the internet is seen as a “luxury”. To me and i’m sure many it is quite a necessity, lets forget social media here. The internet really exposes us to so many opportunities be it learning, shopping, advertising the list is endless. Of course it has its downsides but I think the pros outweigh the cons, if you have an objection kindly point that out in the comment section or send an email.

Laters baby <lol>



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