My Dear African Government Officials Why?

This can be seen as a plea to all the African individuals in power <mainly government officials tbh> who watch their people risk their lives daily just to get out of the country they rule. Isn’t it humiliating that the people who looked up to you to help them have lost all atom of hope due to your greed?

It is so sad that those in the government are blinded by their selfish reasons that they don’t even see the suffering of their own people. Some of you were actually once like them so why is it that now you have the power to better the lives and living conditions of your people you turn your back against them and only cater to the needs of your family and friends. Some of you be stacking up the billions of people who pay tax and not do anything to the nation…..please I have a question. ARE YOU TAKING THE MONEY TO YOUR GRAVES? Perhaps they spend dollars/pounds in your versions of heaven/hell. <what ever currency you convert the stolen money to> For those of you that steal aren’t you even scared of the curses rained on you? And don’t say you don’t believe in such, you be giving speeches like “I’m a christian” “No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper” please when you were taking from the poor where you sleeping? So, when the illnesses start with you or your family don’t even complain, just understand that thats the package that comes with your theft! Save you and your family members the embarrassment. Some of you have kids who have mates that keep up with the news in other words your thefts, kindly stop at least for their sake.

And to those of you that want to spend your life time as presidents you guys actually make me laugh. Like are you not tired? Why don’t you give someone else the chance your predecessor gave you. DO YOUR JOB, once your term is done vamoose! I actually don’t believe those of you that then place your kids in different positions of power just so control remains in the family. <LIKE YOU REALLY GON DO THAT?> I swear we africans are the calmest, I don’t even know how we still persevere with all this hardship. I think for some reason that’s what still keeps that continent going you know, the positive vibe that things will get better, the cheerfulness of the people despite the economy, we smile through the pain. To those adults that work hard and honestly for what they have you guys are the true MVPs because the struggle is real.

First of all no electricity, so we buy generators. We spend so much of our hard earned money on fuel which just burns into thin air as we sometimes go weeks without “light”. And then from no where you stop paying those that provide the fuel. Is that fair? Electricity you didn’t provide, we got generators, fuel to then power the gens <aka generators> you increase the price and even stop selling. You leaders really need to time to sit and meditate on the reason you are where you are.

Anyway for some reason I have so much hope in Buhari, and my only prayer is that he is able to restore life back to Nigeria because that country has been to hell and back. And yes people this is a rant!


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