My Experience, My Opinion

Hey guys so it has come to my attention that some people are disappointed by this being that the reverend sisters had our best interest at heart. I really do apologise if this is seen as me dragging Louisville through the mud as it was never my intention. There is one good thing I did enjoy in the school actually two, being in the choir and being an altar server, I would not change anything about them. If I had other good experiences I swear I would have mentioned. The reason for the post is to voice out what I had kept in for so many years and not surprisingly many people actually do relate, I have seen comments on them. Look if you see something wrong with something and you believe you have the chance to change it for the better then do it. Maybe through this post things would be taken more seriously just maybe. This is not to spite anyone.

A friend of mine just contacted me to say a recent graduate said the school has changed a lot from when I was there and things are quite chilled now. I am really happy hearing that because I would have been scared if things were still as harsh as my time. All I’m saying is there are other ways to discipline a child. If you want to flog them give them 10 strokes or may be 15<which is even too much in my opinion>  but not 50! Why 50, that is a human being with emotions. That’s all I’m saying. Lets not forget I mentioned I hardly got into trouble. I WAS AN EXAMPLE OF AN “OBEDIENT STUDENT” THE SCHOOL WANTED ME TO BE AND I CAN TESTIFY TO THAT. So this is for those who I feel their punishments were quite exaggerated because I watched many suffer for almost nothing and that didn’t sit well with me. There are many of my school mates that have been forced to either silence their emotions or even shut their memory of lghs out this shouldn’t be. There was a time my friends and I were talking about our high schools and when I began with mine I started crying like some idiot. Someone dropped a comment and said “what should happen to those who are in military schools?” The thing is I did not enrol for military training, those who are in military schools they expect that training. Louisville was not said to be a military school, if it did state I would probably not have been in the whole situation. Discipline is good but there is a very fine line between discipline and abuse.

There was that one time my mum flogged me when I was young, but she talked me through my mistakes. She did it with love, I saw where I was wrong she made me understand. I don’t live my life with the fear that I will be flogged <no one should because you don’t learn what is right and wrong, you learn that if I do this I will be flogged which should not be> I live it remembering the home I come from and the expectations from my parents.

There are many that have been forced to silence their voices, I want to believe I have the right to speak my mind and this is my opinion, this is what I saw and experienced when I was there, nobody told me these stories. I want to believe they had our best interests at heart all I’m saying is the method was not exactly the best in my opinion.


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