Bami, The MakeUp Artist

Ayyy beautiful people!!!!! So my amazing friend Ayobami  <aka Bamstar, Bamz…..I’ll stop there lol> has been taking makeup classes and I have served as her model twice.

When it comes to make up I usually go for a natural look just to be safe <I am still quite a learner> cause sometimes if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll just dilly dally and end up looking like you belong in a circus. But Bami really does know how to make any colour look amazing <watch out for her @bamybambam>. Here are two looks from my time with her.<I was def feeling myself>

Btw my twists are actually crochet braids, I don’t think I can sit that long if they were normal braids mahn. My lovely aunt did them, if you want to know more about this send an email or leave a comment.





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