The New Louisville! ^^

Hey Guys! I like that my post on louisville gave many the chance to speak up on their experiences. I just got an email now and thought to share it.

“I am ***************** and I just graduated recently. I knew you in school ‚you were in either Kabu abama’s set or Anita ezeaba’s set am not really sure. The truth is everything you wrote about Louisville no longer exist,the flogging ,the fear instilled in people,and all that. I knew when the few things you talked about happened but towards jss3 things just changed. Most especially when St. Matilda became principal. It was or is still like the school was run my two set of people the management team and the students. She always ask for new ideas. In ss3 my set changed the school menu cause we brought up the idea and we eat more than usual. Everything is actually okay bulling is practically gone because seniors unlike your time are not into it. I won’t lie but you guys back then seemed like ones installing fear. Now in Louisville senior and junior relationship has improved greatly. Now you just want to pass on the message that children could be trained without being abused or beaten and you want to talk about your experience in high school ,you really didn’t have to write the name of the school because if you researched well things aren’t the same and you published that this august ,me really thinking you published it after grad. If I was a mum planning a future for my daughter after reading your blog Louisville would not be an option for me. So many people want to go to the “new Louisville” don’t kill their dreams of things that happened in the last five or six years, just the same way if one of the notorious girls in your set has graded and changed completely you would not want to refer her bad behaviour in school to her fiancé. Am just sharing my opinion,  think about research and think about what you write and how it would affect lives before you write them. Apart from that your blog is excellent. Thanks for reading.”

I just want to say that I clearly stated if those things still existed they should be looked into. And this clearly shows that era is over. I published my experiences because I felt it was high time I let go of my anger which should be allowed. Those were some things many had to go through anyway I am a lot more at peace knowing that things are different and the atmosphere is very much now conducive for learning. It would be nice if a current student or recent graduate wrote on the changes and how the school is now because trust me many still don’t know things have changed.

LooL, I didn’t do this for “publicity” or to boost my blog traffic <thats just stupid> sometimes just have to speak your mind on things you’ve been through, I got a lot of “attention” because many people related. To be honest I’m a bit exhausted with this, my point is not rocket science so it is not difficult to see that I am not against the school’s existence. So yeah, talk to you guys later. Remain Blessed ^^


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