My 21st!!

HEY!! Guess who turned 21 on the 30th of August 2015? Yup, I did!

I’m currently listening to “Paint The Town Green” by The Script with my headphones so I’m quite pumped as I write <random I know but yeah>. I suggest you listen to it while you read just to feel a bit of my vibe and to know how amazing the song is for those who don’t know it. Let’s just say I’ve been jamming to The Script’s albums. <one of my favourite bands>.

So yeah I just thought to write a few things that I’ve learnt over the past year. Waitttt for those who would like to know what I did hahaha I went to church in the morning, had pasta <my love> for lunch, the took a short nap <I’m getting old lol> and later on had a nice dinner with my friends in Guildford. Lmaoo I swear I actually enjoyed the day contrary to what most of you feel based on what I’ve said cause I turned 21. I was in a chilled state of mind and wasn’t in the “turn up” mood funny enough. We went to Turtle Bay and then Creams later on. Most of my friends aren’t in the UK atm so we just might “paint the town red” <see what I did there?> later on when everyone is in ^^

So back to my original plan for this post as this is meant to be like a note to myself cause I’m cool like that <_< >_>

First things first, STOP being scared to try whatever “crazy idea” you have in your head. As long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone, DO IT.  YOLO aka You only live once still applies in 2015 and always will.

Hold on to God cause without Him, you aren’t going anywhere sister. He has brought you this far despite  all the deep shit you always fall into YOU OWE HIM BIG TIME! <TRUST ME life can be very unfair <understatement> to me sometimes it’s like “am I the only one?” aka “na only me waka come?”>

By the way I’m currently listening to: Hail Rain or Sunshine

You’ve started having a positive outlook on life now, continue cause thats the only way you’ll survive! Stay positive even when you can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel. Best believe in yourself cause you smart as hell young lady and you’ve got Jesus.

When family and friends draw a conclusion on something you’re currently facing and it’s different from your thoughts…… based on that bad experience <remember?> best believe and listen to them. Sometimes, when you’re in a situation those around you see somethings you can’t. <A “friend” was stealing from me… lets just say I wish I listened as that would have stopped my constant manipulation, I’ll blog on this soon>

Never be tired of doing the right thing just like dad keeps reminding you. Be a lady of integrity, it pays to have a clear conscience and to actually strive to be a better person every day.

Ha! Don’t trust people easily, these streets are wicked!

Be nice. Compliment if you like, this could make someone’s day. If you don’t have anything nice to say shut up boo, cause your words could ruin someone’s day and you really don’t want that. Words could either make or mar someone….and this kinda goes to life as well.

Hard work pays off, be committed and consistent with anything you set your mind to.

The list I’m sure is endless but for now these are a few things I would like to note down….and yeah try to uplift someone everyday, a smile, or help carry bags doesn’t have to be big, the littlest things matter as well.

P.S: Keep being random. Random is good.


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