What Have I Been Up To?

Hi Guys!!

So I’ve been quite busy with life, from prepping for my dearest cousin’s wedding to being the chief bride’s maid at the wedding <aka working>, to packing my suitcase in a day, travelling back to England the day after and house hunting. So yeah I haven’t really had the time to blog. To those who missed me….I missed you too boos! Lol

Errrr what I’ve been up to….? Preparing to start my placement year ^^ Very excited for that! Hahahaha my friends come home in the evening looking all tired and they keep saying they can’t wait for me to start so I know how it feels like. Well we’ll know by Friday or lets say in two weeks. Wish me luck! I promise to make time to blog….I promise. I just might make like a time table or something so its regular maybe post on particular days. By the way stay tuned I’m gonna make a post on my dearest cousin’s wedding!


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