Twitter Inspired: Relationship Banter!

LMAOO! Some of you make me laugh when it comes to relationships I swear. One week two people are all in love and stuff and the next week you two are giving us stories on “how to be happy with yourself”, “why can’t someone just love you back?” and all that talk. Okay I’m not a relationship expert or anything funky like that but aren’t you guys just tired of jumping from one person to another? Like sometimes just chill, not everyday “I’m in a relationship”. I swear some of you haven’t been single since your first boyfriends/girlfriends and I feel cause you’ve always been with someone you feel “incomplete” when ever you get out of a relationship <if this makes sense> and of course the next thing on the list is to get a rebound. C-H-I-L-L!

This is not me even saying “oh we all have life partners and you’ll know yours cause he/she will have a halo once you two lock eyes…” this is me saying watch Netflix and chill alone or read some random ass book/magazine, live your life and get to enjoy your own company mahn. Not everyday drop relationship advice cause you can’t live your life for a day without depending on the “love” some guy/girl showers you.

I actually didn’t plan this post it just “hit” me as I visited the twitter streets and of course <got my daily dose> read the usual relationship banter.



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