“Problems” With Living With A Black Girl

OMG this video is so accurate!!! So, many of you may know Adanna and David but for you guys who don’t, they’re this cool, down-to-earth couple who have a youtube channel. They’re amazing simply put. You can definitely feeeeeeel the love between those two <lol, no seriously>. Adanna is Nigerian and David is German.

Anyway, I randomly <as usual> went on youtube and stumbled upon one of their videos “Problems” Living With A Black Girl and I’ll just like to say that David was spot on with his analysis in my opinion Lmaooo <as I do fall into the black girl category>. With regards to the time we spend getting ready applying make up, I feel all girls are guilty <admit it, you take quite a while to get made up> and as for the make up stains on shirts hahahaha too true! I try to avoid hugging people whenever I have make up on, gatts be careful not to leave the brown stain trademark on the poor boy’s <white shirt> outfit <a reality for the majority> . I legit feel your pain guys when you have all those brown patches <tears for you!>.

And as for hair day *deepest sigh* especially us girls who deal with our hair ourselves <girls with natural hair>……boyyyy the struggle is real. Hair day is that one day you use to pamper your hair <too crucial>. We have to whip our hair oils to the best consistency <shea butter, coconut oil and co.> “Team natural” the realest mvps. When you’re taking out your braids you just have to be careful what length you cut the “attachment” else you cut your hair <after struggling to get it to that length>. Then deep conditioning <too important>, washing, styling and then you’re free to join humanity again. I haven’t got to the “hair weekend” group just yet, perhaps when I decide to take the bold step of actually learning to make my hair myself. Until then I’ll just chill with my usual hair day. Now the last part of the video was about the tone of our voices when we speak. Speaking about myself thats very accurate, sometimes when I talk it might seem “aggressive” or something of that sort but I promise I’m not about to get into a fist fight, I just happen to be engrossed in the conversation ^^


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