My Thoughts On The Ne-yo Situation!

You guys I was just having a conversation with a friend and this whole “Ne-yo” situation came up. We were talking about how celebrities go through so much in terms of judgement from literally everyone. It’s bad enough with some family and friends criticising some things you do but when its the whole world?….thats another level.

Now to the Ne-yo situation, look there are two sides to this <obviously>. I feel it was very wicked of him to tell his now ex <Monyetta Shaw> to tie her tubes <tubal litigation> and then move on to another babe <Chrystal Renay, his wife-to-be> and get her pregnant. Like why would you do that?

But have you guys criticising Ne-yo stopped to ask why Monyetta agreed to that in the first place? I really don’t know why she agreed when she didn’t even have a ring on her finger <wedding not engagement ring>, before you make such a decision you have to be sure you have a steady place in the guy’s life. Heck, I don’t even think there’s any best time do take that decision. For her to have settled I would like to assume she knew/thought of all the consequences that would come with it. Some guy you’ve been dating and have kids for just tells you “oh I think you should tie your tubes” and you feel it sounds like such a good idea that you in fact do it and now he has moved on and has kid on the way with someone he intends on marrying you’re offended <??> Next time, don’t let some guy make decisions on what should happen to your body cause it is yours, most especially when you’re just his baby mama and not a wife.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying she’s the one with the most faults here, Ne-yo is quite heartless <understatement> for doing that, I doubt he was even thinking but the two of them should be blamed equally. It looks really bad on his part because of the way the media portrays comments from haters but you guys shouldn’t forget that she was once comfortable with the decision for her to have got it done.

Kindly share your thoughts on this in the comment section ^^



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