Let’s Talk About Cheating

Hey Guys!

So my mind wondered back to a conversation I once had with some friends a while ago and I just had to share it! We were basically talking about relationships <don’t we all> and obviously the cheating topic came up.

One of the guys was on about how you can really love someone but still cheat and I’m like….”excuse me no”. Please people how is that possible? I don’t know if this is what goes on in the heads of guys and I guess that’s probably why you feel very comfortable hopping around. To be honest, in my opinion I feel guys cheat more…..from my observation.  

As I’ve said before I’m not an expert on relationships so everything I write is basically from what I’ve heard/seen/experienced over the years. Now I’ll give you the scenario I think my friend gave that day, he said imagine you’re out, let’s say you work late one day, your secretary comes in looking very tempting and you feel there is no way to contain your physical needs so you end up giving in to temptation. He said that doesn’t mean he loves his wife less, that it’s just a momentary thing that most guys find hard to contain <and we all know guys sometimes think with their d**** right?>. Cut the long story short I was just there looking like an idiot, you know when you actually can’t believe your ears and you feel like the world is doomed….yeah that’s how I felt. Cause all I could think was that’s probably how most guys feel. I swear I prayed that day for my future husband!

Please when you’re really in love or you really just love someone, would you even think to hurt them? Especially if that someone is your spouse. How do you keep such a secret cause gahdamn at some point, you’ll have to look straight into their eyes and spit out “I love you”. You can’t avoid that forever, can you? To those who can cheat and hide it, y’all need trophies cause you the real actors outchea! Like are you guys not tired? -___- If you can’t stay with someone without cheating kindly hop out of that relationship cause when karma comes for you, don’t start questioning the Lord when your happiness goes on a never ending vacation.

Lastly, one of the girls made mention of the fact that if her husband does cheat on her she would not leave cause that would mean the side bitch steady stays winning <Lmaoo>. I swear I don’t have a reply to that because I don’t even have the strength to start thinking of that right now but what do you guys think?

Would you remain with your spouse if they’re unfaithful? Can you love someone but still cheat on them? Please I need your opinions on this cause this is just on another level of deep.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Cheating

  1. If you truly love someone you won’t cheat. In a relationship id leave you because if that’s what you’d do in a simple relationship then marriage would be hell but I feel like in marriage one should be more understanding, I have a 1 strike rule, and it all depends on how the cheating came about, if it happens again after I’ve given you hell about it the first time then that’s it. It’s not by force to stay married.


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