Hi Guys!! ^^

How you doin?! Missed you all so much :”) Got back from work not so long ago, slowly beginning to value TGIF around here lol. Being able to sleep in cause its the weekend….pure bliss! ^^

Anyways I’ve had quite a lot on my mind so I just might drop more than one post today, the first being SHUGA!! ^^ Omg I think its been about a year since MTV dropped that <how far you guys? -_-> But yeah its finally coming this September and I can’t wait. For those who don’t know about Shuga it’s an African series which runs with the aim to spread the message about responsible sexual behaviour, educating youths on HIV, safe sex and teenage pregnancy. The first two seasons were Kenya based starring Lupita Nyong’o by the way <for all you who love her> while the third and fourth were brought to my dearest country Nigeria dubbing the name “Shuga Naija”. Here’s a link to season 3, you’re welcome 🙂 Shuga Naija: Episode1 (Homecoming) <Ayy finish this post first bruh!>

For all ye who are up to date and have seen the Sneak Peak MTV Shuga 4 I just have to comment on Emmanuel Ikubese’s clean look at the start of the video like bruh he looks good, I gotta give it to him! Sophie’s back from gunshot wound at the end of season 3! <Of course she wasn’t going to die,< to those who thought so> she’s a lead character in the show people <the actor never dies!….well except in “The Best Of Me” *rolling my eyes*> . I can’t believe Princess is pregnant like what? She didn’t waste no time! On the final note for this show almost makes me fear Chris Attoh in person cause his character “Nii” is not in any way a gentle man, to call him wicked would be an understatement and Chris acts it out so damn well! I wonder what Weki is up to, may we not meet a guy/girl who keeps their HIV positive status lowkey <a secret>. Can I get an AMEN please! For anyone planning on doing this pleaseeeeeee don’t, its just not fair, open up about it before anything serious.

So yeah I’ll leave you guys to Shuga. Watch out for it from Sunday, not sure of the exact time cause I watch it on YouTube but you could follow @MTVShuga for more updates! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :*




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