Acne and Me

Hi Guys!! How’s your week been? Great I hope! As for me, amazing up until yesterday evening when I started feeling a bit tired. So the thing is…..I just might have chicken-pox. <*sigh* this pot of beans called life>. I wish I had them when I was a lot younger. Let me not get ahead of myself, I might not even have it!

A friend of mine is just recovering from his so if I eventually have it I know exactly who passed it on. <Hi Mauricio -__-> I don’t know if its cause I keep thinking about it that’s why I’ve been seeing little red spots here and there, I mean your mind sometimes messes you up right?

Anyways on a second note I just thought to share a bit of my experience with acne. For those who know me, they know acne and I are the true definition of day 1’s. I don’t mean to gross you out but I have to tell it how it is. I think I started having pimples <not a lot, maybe two here and there> in like primary 5/6, so lets say about age 10/11 <LIKE HOW???!>

Over time it got really bad, I mean terrible and I remember my mum always telling me to avoid touching my face or picking my pimples, you know, to avoid scarring and all that. Most of the time I did obey but mahn sometimes they just pissed the hell out of me and yeah I’m suffering the consequences cause I’m currently dealing with the scars.

Anyways cut the long story short, after high school my face was on another level of terrible, I never liked taking pictures, lets just say it did make me feel a bit insecure. But then sometimes I didn’t just care, like am I the first to have acne?  After high school, during my foundation year I started using ProActiv and boyyy did it make my acne worse. I don’t know if it was how I applied it, I swear I just don’t know but something wasn’t right. My mum had bought the whole kit for me but I literally had to stop using it.

It was really harsh on my skin, there were so many steps to follow through omg, like most times by the time I was done applying them my face could have passed as a mirror. You could probably have seen yourself in my face cause I felt so glossy like I was giving off some reflective glow or something.

In my first year I spoke to a doctor who prescribed some medication, they did work in drying out my pimples but as time went on I just decided to stop cause they weren’t solving my problems with the scars.

Anyways with tme I’ve realised that what you eat really does matter. Don’t mind those friends who pack all the junk food in and still have flawless skin for if you walk in their paths you just might be doomed. Take time to understand your body. I know many people say you have to try different products to know what exactly is right for you, that makes sense but be careful because some products can leave you worse than before.


These are the products I’m currently using and they’re really gentle on my skin. I use the coconut oil from Holland and Barrett as soon as I get out of the shower when my body is still damp and then use the Clinique <moisturising lotion> and Mary kay <replenishing serum + c> on my face so they soak in and then  spray the face mist from The Body Shop. I randomly use the face mist during the day as well.

That’s all I’ve got for today guys! I’ll post more when I solve this problem with my spots! Byeee!


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