Duro Art’s “Offensive” Paintings

So this morning I read a post about this Nigerian Artist who shared a couple of his paintings on social media and got some major blacklash as it depicts a black woman in some unflattering positions.

Now, from the way I see the paintings, the black woman represents any woman I mean black, white, green yellow anyone. Look, art is based on how you see it so it has too many interpretations, nobody is wrong.

We have all heard of crazy stories both women and men do for money so, this artist has just decided to produce a visual description of all those stories. In the paintings I can’t spot any white person so I really don’t think the subject of race can be brought up <I saw a comment on how in his mind Kim Kardashian must be a role model and all what not>. I’m guessing he drew only black people cause that is the society he has found himself in and so hence the familiarity. If the guy in the painting pouring the “social feed” into the dog bowl was painted white THENNN this discussion could have taken another turn.

I can’t say I find it offensive to women and thats because it really does depict what unfortunately goes on in our society today where some females do the unthinkable just to own a couple of designer wears.

Of course there are hardworking ladies and a big shout out to all of them who owe all they have to how hard and much they’ve worked. Your efforts really do inspire others, don’t give up!

Here’s a link to the post Duro Arts Paintings


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