The Chicken Pox Experience


What’s up people?! What’s going on?!

Lol don’t mind me I’m just a bit pumped because I’ve just come to the conclusion that my immune system is very on fleekkkkkk LMAO! I currently have chicken pox and I actually feel very well strangely.

So about two weeks ago a friend of mine had chicken pox and I obviously was in contact with him when he was infectious. I had kinda been expecting it, I actually called my parents to brief them on my coming illness but for some reason I brushed it off cause it didn’t come as fast as I was expecting.

Sometime last week I woke up randomly cause my scalp was really itchy and I was like “yo, didn’t I wash this hair just last weekend”. It was so uncomfortable but it didn’t click that I might have the pox. As at last Thursday night my chest and back hurt so bad every time I turned on the bed, by Friday I woke up with a headache and sore throat, I noticed spots on my neck and side as well. I showed my friends but they said I shouldn’t worry cause the spots actually looked just like insect bites. After work I inspected the spots and discovered more and that’s when I knew something was up. 

Omg when I realised I felt so scared cause I kept hearing stories from both family and friends about their different encounters with it. Boy did it frighten the crap out of me, the first and foremost reason was cause I have a weave on and we all know how itchy weaves can be sometimes. Unfortunately for me I don’t know how to take my weaves out myself and I had no one around to help me so in my mind I was like “f*** I’m so screwed”. 

Anyway fast forward to today, Monday, I still have red spots but I’m surviving……with the weave on lol. I don’t actually have that many spots, well lets just say I’m not having a terrible chicken-pox experience. Don’t get me wrong I do get itchy here and there randomly, on my scalp as well but its not as bad as the stories I’ve heard. Lool I don’t believe I’m actually writing a post on chicken-pox. I guess I’m quite happy I’ve finally got it cause when I was younger it skipped me somehow and you know they always say it’s really risky having it as an adult. Every time I thought about it I was just always like “Theresa when this thing finally hits you you’ll be in trouble”.

Well I guess my immune system is the shit cause I’m handling it pretty well thank God or maybe I’m just having a really mild one. Either one I’m just glad I’ve finally got it, it’s going well.

Hi Guys! Okay so today is Friday the 25th and I’m feeling great! I worked from home all week, the doc advised to stay home for at least five days, to get better and prevent infecting any one. Can’t wait to get back to work, missed it a lot actually lol.

Anyways for some reason I just felt to write on my chicken pox phase, I just have scabs left so I’m healing and that’s good. I can’t thank God enough that it wasn’t all over me like how I expected based on others experiences. So yeah, that’s my chicken pox guys! Hope it didn’t gross any one out :p



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