The Gabby Douglas Story

Hi Guys!!

Hope your week went well!

So thankful its Friday! Been doing a lot of thinking as to what to do on the blog and it can be nerve-racking because you know, there’s always something to talk every time but putting out the literature in the best possible and relatable way to you guys is key.

Anyway, lately I’ve been surrounding myself with a lot of positivity which is good, I advise everyone to do just that cause its crazy what you can do once you set your mind to something. I saw “The Gabby Douglas Story” yesterday, it came out sometime in 2014 I think. That film…wow…. it really does give a visual image of what you can do with faith, hope and hard work. You all really need to see it <for those of you who have you could write a thing or two on what you got from it in the comment section>.

From living off food stamps…..being homeless to winning the olympic gold-medal for gymnastics. When I watched it made me question myself for a bit.

Now, its good to dream, yes dream big!!! BUT WHEN YOU DREAM GET READY TO CHASE THAT SHIT DOWN WITH HARD WORK AND FAITH! God helps those who help themselves. I’ve noticed that people who end up being successful have some sort of……what some people call “luck” but that’s God. That’s God paving the path of greatness for them and that could be me….that could be you, if only we just believe and push through. He makes things unexpectedly fall into place somehow even in the midst of chaos.

This is a note to you and myself as well, lets quit with them excuses we constantly tell ourselves, be thankful for being alive to have the opportunity to dream big and chase that dream with hard work and faith!

Have an amazing weekend guys! God bless you and hey don’t forget to be kind!



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