My Nigerian Fraudster

Hi Guys!!

So I’ve been spending an awful lot of time on Facebook lately and I came across this video from a friend’s page. Its a video on Nigerian fraudsters in Malaysia. I really would like to encourage you all to watch it because we could all learn a thing or two from it.

For one, I never for once in my life believed I could be conned….until I was. You know when you listen to the news or read about all these stories of fraudsters you never think it’d happen to you until it does and BAM! The regret starts to flow in.

Well, earlier this year I unfortunately got a taste of this poison in form of a “friend” who manipulated me. When I met her in the library <looking quite scruffy I must say>, she told me her mum was in a coma and she went on about how her friends had deserted her and all what not. I welcomed this thing into my place only for her to steal my money behind my back.

This babe used my money to buy wigs, order takeouts. The thing is, I never used to have money issues before her so why was it that when she came into my life all these things started happening? Sometimes I did suspect her but then, why would someone you’re helping, someone you pray for/with steal from you?Things just didn’t add up. I flipping shared my single bed with her <imagine the struggle>. This girl stole my identity to make purchases all what not.

When she claimed her mum “died”, my parents called to check on her, my cousin was so emotional and kept asking how she was feeling. Little did we know that she dropped the news to buy more time to spend at my place cause she didn’t have accommodation <which she claimed she had> and all the past places she squatted in, she had stolen be it money or phones whatever.

The day I found out her lies <I almost ran mad>, that day I came across her dad’s Facebook profile on which he shared a post celebrating his wife’s birthday and how he prays God CONTINUES TO BLESS HER WITH GOOD HEALTH. <Mind the word “continues”>. Yo, you said she was dead tho. Who even wishes death on their parents/anybody? Please who?

The sad bit of all this was it all unravelled literally days before my exams. We all know how life can be a bitch at timing events. I can’t thank my friends enough for seeing me through that time, they were always there to pull me back when my mind wondered off, they made sure I was on track with revision whenever I got really distracted or wanted to slap the thing right across her face. <deepest sigh>. My thoughts were just all over the place trying to understand how I had wasted about three months of my life, I mean, my life could have gone a whole other way around if she wasn’t involved. I kept thinking of the day I called my mum and cried about how my money just kept disappearing, this babe just sat on my bed watching me cry, telling me it’ll be okay. She kept manipulating me claiming she was going through the same thing with her bank. Forever “making trips to her bank to talk to their managers”. I swear she had a “convo” with her dad about how frustrated she was with the bank and how money kept varnishing from her account, little did I know that she was just staging all of it.

Jeez I have to give it to her she’s smart! She used to tell me she’d like to be an actress, I must say, she’ll be good but not for long because she can’t hold on the part for too long.

It was a bit consoling knowing I wasn’t the only one she played. When I heard what she did to her ex my story did not even measure up to his, he had it the worst, and what she did to her now “former friends”. I don’t know how long she thought she’d pull the show on for.

I swear I know this babe at the back of my hands now, like I feel I can predict her every move. Let me explain, what she does is she breaks friendships yeah <she stirs up unnecessary beef between friends> but maintains her friendship between the two ends. <Smart for her business> So now you have two friends who aren’t on good terms and of course by this, they would have no reason to talk to each other <unfortunately>. She then tags on to one and things go fine <at least thats what you think>, she starts feeding you with lies of the “bad stuff” the other said about you, and obviously the thought of clarifying things with the other party does not exactly cross your mind, most times you just cut <people> them off. Meanwhile, all this time the £20 in your wallet keeps disappearing. You start spotting transactions you didn’t make in your bank statement. When you finally confront her she moves to her next prey, most times…..your now “ex friend”. The thing is, you might not even know they’re living together, I mean nobody goes around announcing where they live right? So word of caution doesn’t get to the current prey= ex friend. Now she’s with the “ex friend” the cycle repeats and off she moves to her next. <I hope you get me, take a moment to understand…I know it sounds crazy weird>

I wasn’t going to type this actually because a friend told me to just let it go but it’s hard and painful. You welcome someone that acts like their whole world is crumbling in, with the intention of trying to make them feel better, you introduce them to your friends, you pray with them. I got down on my knees to pray every night <a novena> for her mum <with her beside me> not knowing it was all a lie.

She goes around with her Chanel and Prada bags which I probably helped buy with the assistance of her ex and some friends unknown to us <only God knows the truth>. I think on one of her social media profile picture she put the bag on a table and she’s sitting calmly looking at her phone like she’s a bad bitch, no she’s not, she’s a fraud. Word on the street is that the bags are fake tbh I don’t know.

I remember the “bank statement” she sent me to claim she had transferred the money to my account. She made it using Pages or Word I kid you not lmaoooo. It’s not funny but all I can do is laugh now at such an unfortunate event.

I guess the reason I decided to post this is to warn whoever the current victim is just incase you are unaware <or have fallen for her lies> and others who might be in this sort of situation. Dear prey, I don’t know what she has told you about me or any of her past friends but its most likely a lie. Did she tell you she has a flat in town she’s moving into soon?…..She did? Guess what? She told me too! <surprise?!>……Now, tell her you want to see it. The day I went to the place and called her she said she was on campus…forever giving excuses to avoid showing me. If you think I’m lying I dare you to ask her to take you to “her place”. Don’t fall for “my landlord has not given me the keys” or any of those excuses by the way.

Anyway, seeing this video actually stirred up all the emotions that led me to write this out. Caught on video: Nigerian fraudsters in Malaysia. Watching it brought back that anger and hurt of being manipulated especially by someone you considered a friend. I honestly don’t know how you’ll rob someone off their life savings or put them in is so much misery. People work hard for their money and for some reason you feel it’s okay just just take it..?

Dear students….like myself, be very careful who you hang out with. If you’re sure you had, lets say £50 in your wallet when your “friend” came around to yours and you later on get to the train station about to buy a ticket to London you’re sure you had the money for but then realise you can’t find the money, HUNNY HUNNY, YOUR FRIEND STOLE THAT SHIT. Don’t try to convince yourself you spent it at Tesco <like me> because you’re not stupid neither are you overthinking, you really did have the money, “someone” just decided to take it without permission. Do yourself a favour, be very cautious when around that person, don’t leave any money around cause if you do “friend” would keep taking it and widening her branches. Don’t invite crime.

Learn from me, don’t wait till it happens to you!……and oh beware of dating sites. Don’t send “Bob” that £5000 to start his company, HE’S A THIEF BOO BOO.

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. I’m Nigerian and although this “friend” of mine is as well, not Nigerians are fraudsters!



3 thoughts on “My Nigerian Fraudster

  1. Whoa that’s really bad. My experience with a fraud was when I ordered some clothes online. Found the store on Instagram. After sending the money I never saw any clothes. I think they closed the account or changed the name because I couldn’t find it. Probably blocked my number. I was really really hurt and felt so stupid.


    1. Hi!! The experience really did traumatise me. I guess it takes time to heal from such. The thing with these type of situations is that people don’t really understand until it happens to them unfortunately.We all just need to be really careful in general with who and how we spend our money. Thanks for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, we just have to be careful. Now i dotn even do all those instagram shopping anymore, either i pay on delivery or keep your products. i just stick to registered sites now . Thanks for replying


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