My Basic Make Up

Hi Guys!

How you doing? *In Wendy William’s voice*

I hope your weekend is coming to a great end and you’re getting prepared for the week ahead!

So I was just at home after church today and decided to play with a bit of make up. I’m still very much of a beginner at make up, still learning and gradually filling up my make up bag. I’m very into neutral looks but I dared myself to use a bit of bold colours like dark blue and some pink other than my usual browns.

Anyway, I thought to share the products I used, when I used them and all that good stuff. I’ll probably do make up tutorial video with my friend Bami <the makeup pro> sometime soon.

Facetune (1) Facetune (2) Facetune

Facetune (3) Facetune (4)
Facetune (7) Facetune (5)

Facetune (9) Facetune (8)

Facetune (11)Facetune (6)

First things first, before applying any make up on I do like to moisturise my face using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E moisture cream. I’ve got oily skin but I’ve noticed that whenever I forget to use a moisturiser, my face does get a lot more oily and that’s because my pores feel the need to produce more oil to combat my “really dry” face. So its best to let your skin soak up some good moisture.

Primers are a must for me, I use either the Benefit’s Porefessional face primer or No7 Beautifully Matte> make up base. To prep my eyes for the eyeshadow I used the Yves Rocher Fixing Eyelid Primer. I used two colours from the e.l.f eyeshadow <4th column last row and 5th column 2nd row> <E.L.F eyeshadows>. I used the Master Precise liquid eyeliner from Maybelline Eyeliner and Kiko’s Longeyes+ Active Mascara for my lashes <Kiko’s LongEyes Mascara>.

To conceal my spots I used the Nars Concealer in the shade Dark 1 Cafe,  I then used the Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation from Yves Saint Laurent the shade BD70 <YSL Touche Eclat> and No7’s Foundation in the shade Mocha <Beautifully Matte Foundation>. I tend to mix these together because the two are actually a little bit off my complexion but work well when mixed. For my brows I used Master Shape Brows pencil from Maybelline.  Under my eyes I used the Maybelline FitMe concealer in the shade 25 which is a lot lighter than my skin tone <Maybelline FitMe concealer>. This is usually done to cover up dark circles under the eyes <you know them bags and shii>. I then used the Natural Collection Neutral Translucent from Boots to kind of set the whole make up <thought to try it out cause I needed a translucent powder asap>.

For my lips I used Burt’s Bees Rhubarb lip shimmer right at the start of the make over cause my lips were dry and then used the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner. I used the Yves Rocher Lipstick 22. Mauve Subtil. I really really love any mauvy <if that’s a word> lipstick, that’s my best lipstick shade and the packaging of this lipstick is just amazing by the way!

After all that application, blending in with all them brushes <Real Techniques , Ecotools and a lovely fluffy powder brush I got in Belgium from D!> I used my Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray which helps set the makeup <duhhh> and also helps it stay on long.

I do plan on making videos soon once I get my camera sorted! I hope this helps some beginner like me somewhere ^^

Love you!



2 thoughts on “My Basic Make Up

  1. hey coz………
    i abit lost cos i trying to picture the mali of 5/ 10yrs ago to what i am seeing right now….. you’ve grown to be a pretty lady the toast of every descent guy in town. enjoy your youth while it last coz this time u have now can never be regain 20yrs from now…. #i like your swag…

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