Hi Guys!!

So this week I did a bit of cooking and thought to share what I made!

I chopped up some bell peppers and then mushrooms. Poured some olive oil in a pan and added them in. I made good use of some precious shrimps and then spiced it all up with Italian seasoning, mixed herbs, a stock cube, some salt and dry pepper. I let it cook for a bit and then poured in some Italian tomato passata, <you could use any pasta sauce you want>. Left it to simmer for about 10-15 mins. In the mean time I was boiling my spaghetti. They both were ready at about the same time. I added some parsley at the top cause it made the meal look pretty to be honest <LoL>.

This was actually a really quick meal….okay the chopping did take some time but after that everything happens almost fast 🙂


IMG_0818 IMG_0820


IMG_0821 IMG_0798






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