Finally Got My NutriBullet!

Hi Guys!!

Hope you all had a great week! So thankful for the weekend, finally get to relax and sleep in!

Anyway,  today’s going to be about the NutriBullet I finally got, omg it’s been a long time coming hahaha. I’ve had it on my mind for like two years now <x_x>, my mum’s been encouraging me to get it for like ever! but I don’t know, I just never really put my mind to it. But yeah I finally bought one and thought to share what I made with it ^^

I blended an avocado, two apples, a quarter of a whole cucumber, two half celery sticks, some good ol’ kale and freshly squeezed lemonade from M&S. I usually add some ginger but….but I forgot today >_>

I’ve added some pictures of how it all looks when you first purchase it. It comes with a User guide and Recipe book, a pocket nutritionist book which has the different benefits of fruits, nuts and greens. There’s  also a manual which had some recipes behind as well.

I was really hungry before having it and trust me this filled me up, I had it around 8pm, now it about 00:15 and i’m still very much full. By this time I’m usually scanning through my kitchen but I don’t think I’ll need to have anything before bed.

More recipes coming up soon!

Later guys!


IMG_0861 IMG_0881IMG_0882 IMG_0869IMG_0876IMG_0792IMG_0872    IMG_0867IMG_0877 IMG_0878 IMG_0880




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