Cheers To 2015, Off We Go 2016

Happy New Year !!

Hope the new year’s treating you all well! Just thought to reflect on how my 2015 went, things I learnt and to shed some light on areas I’ll like to work on in 2016.

First things first, looking back at 2015 I’m very thankful to God for giving me all I prayed for. I may not have received them when I wanted but I have to say I preferred His timing.

Last year I grew more “balls”, more confidence in myself and my values. Standing up for what I believe in regardless of who I was talking to or about.

I really enjoyed my own company in 2015 <and always will!>. I learnt a lot about myself, my interests, the kind of people I like being around, my friends.

I became more positive, believing in my uniqueness and capabilities. I must add  that this has a lot to do with those you hang out with, what you read listen to and what you tell yourself. Surround yourself with positive thinking people, quotes, things that uplift you and before you know it your thoughts will resonate with them.

I of course learnt that you can dream all you want but if you don’t take action….if you don’t even take a step towards your dreams you might as well sleep on. Your aspirations, dreams are all yours and no one else. No one but you can achieve them.

Now moving on to 2016. I’ve never really been one to write out new year resolutions, I just always go with the flow of the year but this time I’ve decided to point out things I’d like to work on. That’s because I will like to keep track on how I’m progressing as days go by. I’ve broken them down very simply so they don’t look almost impossible.  For now, these are points I’ve thought of working on. This is going to be an ongoing process to be honest, I hope that by the end of the year <God willing> I would be very close to achieving them.

-I hope to listen more without interrupting, such a bad habit, <I always have something to say x_x> 

-Give more of myself. Time and money wise.

-Go to bed as early as 11pm…then maybe 10pm. <Disobeying this already as I type, Lord help me lol> 

-Wake up early, try 7am…then push till 6am. 

-Stay off social media before bed and right when I wake up. 

-Deal with my natural hair more.

-To be fearless and pursue whatever idea I have in mind.

I really would like to improve my relationship with God. He has always been there for me and I owe it to Him to communicate more. When one focuses on God somehow other things fall into place. So this year and years after I hope to continuously work towards building a stronger relationship with God. In simpler terms…..

-To cultivate the habit of reading the bible daily over time.

-Make a conscious effort to pray once I’m up. 

-Make a conscious effort to pray during the day. 

-Make a conscious effort to pray before bed. Prayers don’t need to be an hour long. Simple sentences like “God help me to be a better person” or “Thank you Lord for all you’ve seen me through” go along way. I guess the most important thing is your state of mind and how true your words are.

-I hope to let go of curse words.

-And to carry out a random act of kindness everyday. 

I hope to keep all these in mind even if it means reading this every week as a reminder. So yeah, cheers to 2015 for the lessons and blessings, may 2016 be everything we wish for and more.

Remain Blessed!


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