My Fitness Routine


Hi Guys!

I hope your week is going great! Just thought to share what I’ve been up to fitness wise.

Towards the end of last year I was thinking of joining the gym but was scared of wasting so much money like I did the year before. So, my cousin adviced to try working out at home first, getting into the exercise routine and then joining a gym.

I’m so grateful for this advice because I do enjoy the workouts and I don’t need to walk all the way to the gym in this brutally cold weather! <win win!>

Last Friday I got a yoga mat from Tk Maxx and by Saturday morning I was all prepped up for my workout. I got out of bed, changed to my workout wear <including my shoes…all of that>. Doing this helped my mindset as it felt exactly like going to the gym. <If I stayed in my pjs I probably won’t be writing this post as I might have gone back to bed lol>

Anyway, I went to the living room, opened the blinds to let the sun light in, searched for beginner work out videos and went in on my workout! I prefer exercising in the mornings because it makes me alert and in general, ready to take on the day.

It is advisable to take your time and slowly progress when it come to workouts, you really don’t want to break down all in the name of exercising.

It feels really good getting back to exercising. My body aches but it’s worth it. I’ve decided to  take a day interval between my workouts so,  I started on Saturday, then Monday, Wednesday and that’s how I’ll continue.

Here are the videos I used:

Chris Powell Level 1 Beginners Workout | 15 Minute Exercise Routine

10 Minute Total Body Strength Workout for Beginners | Full Length Home Workout Without Equipment <This one! I still can’t believe it’s for beginners, I literally couldn’t finish any rounds LoL>

Easy Beginners Workout for Women – At Home Full Body 20 Minute Floor Exercises

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

Love you!


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