Guess What I Made?!


A.K.A.R.A (A.C.A.R.A.J.É) yup!

For those who don’t know, it is found in West African and Brazilian cuisines.

To make this you’ll need some peeled beans, one big red bell pepper, a scotch bonnet and one red onion. Making it for the first time I literally just made use of the beans I had <black eyed beans>, soaked it the night before and then peeled off the skin. I then finely blended the beans along with my chopped up onions, scotch bonnet and bell pepper. Be sure to blend properly, you really don’t want to chew raw beans. The blend should be a bit thick as well, so it doesn’t go flat while frying you don’t want pancakes or scrambled eggs lol. 

After blending add some salt, mix the blend properly for even distribution and then fry in low to medium heat. Be mindful of how hot the oil is because if it’s too hot  the outer part of the Ankara could burn while the inner bit is still quite raw.

I like using serviettes to soak up the oil from frying the Akara before serving.

Thats it guys! I still can’t believe I made it. For some reason all my life I thought it was a hard task until I randomly decided to try it out and it turned out amazing!

Here’s to trying new things and being more adventurous!





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