My First Blog Award Nomination!

Well Hello There!

So this morning I got a notification on my WordPress app and was filled with so much gratitude as I read that Princess from Toksdavid had nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. It does mean a lot when I receive feedback from you all, be it “a like”, comment or email because it makes me realise there are people out there actually interested in what I have to offer :*

With this award comes some rules <I must say I got a bit nervous here cause me and rules……:)>. But these are easy so keep calm.

Rule 1: You’ve got to thank whoever nominated you and then add their link to their blog <This shows yo momma and papa taught you some good manners 🙂 >.

Rule 2: You’ve got the nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice. <Blogs you enjoy reading of course, if you can’t do 15 (like me) it’s fine >

Rule 3: List and link out the blogs you’ve nominated. <I mean you gotta spread the word yo!>

Rule 4: You’ve got to share seven facts about yourself <Oh boy>

Disclaimer: I didn’t make these rules.

Okay, time to obey. Seven facts about me….

-My names are Theresa Onyemalieme Oluwaseun Temitope Olloh <I could go on I promise lol, I bet all my family members named me, even my then 5 year old cousin 🙂>

-I am petite….not short. Petite is the word my dear people of the Lord.

-I love being happy, being motivated, being inspired.

-I’m so not a morning person….but that’s gonna change soon I’ve promised myself.

-I can be really random. It confuses me too sometimes.

-I am in love with love. Deep down….somewhere deep deep down I’m such a hopeless romantic but I shield it by being badass….well at least in my mind I am 😝

-I really do love God and hope to live a life worthy enough to see Him someday.

And my nominations go to……*drumroll please*…….thank you

-Arielle from With All My Affection < Visit this blog if you want to dream a little. I love the layout, it’s so refreshing like a breath of fresh air, from the guilty pleasures to beauty products and much more! >

-LevyBraide from The Black Writer < She makes me miss Lagos (which is good), visiting her blog reminds me of how fun Lagos can be, there are lots of nice pictures too! >

-Princess from Toksdavid < If you want a story straight from the heart, just as the author feels you need to check her blog! You get an insight of some of her experiences! >

-Demi from High Street Mania < From makeup to product reviews to bargaining tips to DIYs I could go on and on. So much fun content check for yourself! >

-Kailyn from Mixed Girl Vibe < You can’t leave her blog without feeling motivated. Seriously you can’t. Her positivity is on another level of infectious! >

-Tosin from Africanism Cosmopolitan < You can not get bored on her blog! Never! So much content, so much to learn about on her blog, it’s inspiring! >

-Olivia from Livia Banks < If you’re a lover of quotes, poems, stories you need to check her out! >

-Devyn from Devyn Pearle < Talk about flawless! She be serving us that flawless look with them popping lipstick shades! >

That’s all for today guys! By the way, if you do want to continue the chain, you really don’t have to say what you love about the blogs you nominate. I did it just because I wanted to.




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