Stories That Touch: Falz

This post is way too long overdue. It just occurred to me a while ago that I’ve hardly posted anything on the music section of the blog and I do apologize because I’ve really been jamming to some really good songs ^^

First off I’ll talk about the album ‘Stories That Touch’ by Falz <Folarin Falana>, this album dropped in November 2015. He is a Nigerian musician <and absolutely funny guy>, his sense of humor is just on another level of crazy.

I literally played his album back to back, yes that’s how much I love it. I can honestly say every song on it is amazing. Just for any new listeners, if you hear him pronounce a word wrongly or it just seems like his grammar is a bit “funky” that’s intentional hahaha that’s just his style. He’s got a degree in Law from the University of Reading, his English is really good trust me. So just enjoy his sense of humor.

Here’s a list of my 5 fav songs from the album  <I hope I don’t end up pointing out every song, by the way this is just a random list>. If you haven’t heard of Falz or didn’t know about this album you can try these songs:

-Chardonnay Music



-Celebrity Girlfriend

-Soft work

-I love Kabiyesi too….and Time Difference

I promise I can count and yes I know that’s 7 songs listed , I just couldn’t help it lol. Here are two songs from my list.

If you’ve listened to the album please comment down on what songs you enjoyed, which you weren’t feeling enough or just give a general review of the album.



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