Appreciate Art, Embrace It

Harmony and Light By Richard Young
Harmony and Light By Richard Young

I appreciate art, I really do and in all it’s forms.

You can probably hear the music and feel the melody of whatever she is performing to just by looking at this painting. Art unifies all your senses.

It’s like a keyhole….an outlet through which one can feel the humanity of an artist(e) in the very form of creativity. 

Just like music, when an artist opens up their deepest darkest moments in a song and you feel every sense of their vulnerability. It is encompassing because you get the chance to view life from an entirely new perspective, you hear their story. The same way you feel elated when that beat drops and all you want to do is sing and dance your life away as if you haven’t heard that song a 1000 times already, but that doesn’t matter because you’re in your element. Enjoy it.

Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, everyone has an interpretation and just like a book, you get to see a whole new world from another’s point of view.

Embrace art, in all it’s forms.


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