Avocado For The Guac Boy!



How’s your weekend going? Great I hope, mine went really fast. I so don’t believe it’s Sunday evening already!

So, a while ago I thought to try out Ayesha Curry’s <love her> guacamole recipe. <You can watch her video down below> I do love avocados so at some point I was going to give in to the temptation as it sat in my fridge. Anyway, lets get into it shall we 🙂

What I made use of:

  • -Crisps <Tyrells as you can see, love them>
  • -An onion <you could soak them in water before chopping so you don’t cry like I did, and to tone down the strong taste a bit>
  • -An avocado <Still can’t believe I cut it into a perfect half, I’m so proud of myself>
  • -Garlic puree
  • -Any pepper of your choice
  • -Any sauce of your choice <I just made use of the Nando’s sauce I had at home>
  • -Lime <to add some freshness>

Check out the images below, they would serve as a great guide if you decide to try it out. It was pretty easy and I just made use of the ingredients I had, so can you. This is perfect for snacking on while watching a game or movie <maybe not netflix and chill because of the onions but you get me>



Here’s Ayesha’s Guacamole Video.



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