MNHJ: Crochet Braids Take Out


So I decided to start out “MNHJ” the short for My Natural Hair Journey. This is to document how I take care of my 4c mini fro, my wash days, styles….basically, what ever I’m up to with my hair. So Enjoy!

About 4 weeks ago I got bored of my crochet braids after having them for roughly about 2 months. Usually, to maintain and keep my roots clean when I have crochet braids in I wash my hair every two-three weeks.


After cutting off the long curly bits I found it difficult taking out the knots formed at the root of my hair because of two main reasons;

The first reason being the difference in hair textures <mine being kinky and the attachment being smooth> and the second, my hair growth.

It took me a couple of hours working out how to remove the knots without actually tightening them more by mistake cause I couldn’t see my head obviously. So, if you’ve got this style on, consider asking a friend to help take it out or leave out more time to deal with the knots. Everyone always says its easy taking out crochet braids because you can just cut off the length and deal with the roots directly…….but when the roots are knotted up so bad?…..Nahh.

Cut IMG_2695


After successfully taking out all the knots, I section my hair into four parts. This I find very useful because it helps me in evenly spreading hair products and when washing, it reduces the amount of hair that break off to the bare minimum.

I make use of my Coil Calm Detangler from Cantu and this helps my detangling process when combing out my hair. I like deep conditioning my hair after taking styles out so I use my Deep Repair Masque from Macadamia. If you’re in Nigeria you can get these at Jumia.

To wash and condition my hair I use the Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and the Raw Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner both from Shea Moisture respectively. These help repair and restore moisture to dry damaged hair.

Check out my Einstein moment ^^

Products TeamNat

*when you’re feeling yourself and your shampooooo!

WashDay1 WashDay

Hope you found this post useful in some way. Stay tuned for more hair updates!

Have a lovely week ahead guys!




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