Is Religion Is A Dying Art?

OMG this cracks me up so much, there’s so much division but on the real though….
I remember talking to a friend a while back and somehow our conversation ended up in a debate about religion/christianity and he said RELIGION IS A DYING ART.
Truthfully ask yourself these….How many of us still go to church? How many of us still pray? How many of us still read our bibles? How many of us will go to church if our parents weren’t with us?

Have you ever been confronted by an atheist asking you why God allows all these bad things to happen to us humans? Why God would let a little baby have cancer? Why we have all these religious wars? And you start out explaining to the best of your ability, defending a religion you were born into and weren’t given a chance to choose. Defending your religion and why you worship God the way you do.

Then, the atheist asks “Well since all you muslims, christians, baptists, hindus believe there is a God why there so many divisions? Aren’t you all worshiping the same God? Why did God punish humanity just because Eve ate an apple? Why didn’t He forgive her, isn’t He meant to be all merciful and forgiving?

For me, I was born into a catholic family and if at any point I was asked to actually choose, I would still choose Catholicism because I believe in its doctrines. I remember one day someone told me he couldn’t understand how catholics think it is “fine” to kill a person one day, then go to a priest for confession the next and just like that “everything is fine”, life goes on.

To any one who thinks that’s the Catholic belief, it is not. A good priest after listening to your confession would tell you to turn yourself in to the police because thats the moral thing to do and then you can start organising all the prayer sessions you need for God’s forgiveness but the most important is True Remorse, being truly sorry what what you have done. I hope I’ve been able to clear some air for some who think like this guy.
But back to actual discussion, Jesus never identified to be either a catholic or pentecostal or baptist <or did He? Please where?> All He ever preached was living a good honest life, believing in God, treating each other as we’d like to be treated. My principal in high school always said, it is better to live your life like there is a God rather than live like there isn’t and then find out there really is. By then, it would be too late, there’s no ‘undo’ button.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think religion is slowly fading away in our world today? Why are there so many divisions? Do you think it is important to be religious to get to heaven? Do you believe going to church is enough to save yourself? Do you even believe there is heaven or/and hell? Or even purgatory?

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