MNHJ: The BeeHive On My Head

Hi Y’all!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! So a while back I took out my crochet braids and gave my natural hair some TLC for about two weeks. I then decided to try out senegalese twists using Xpressions in black.

I still can’t believe I made these myself. So, the first time I tried braiding my hair I used Marley hair, it’s a lot easier to work with since  the strands come separated unlike Xpressions were you have to “pick it” first. Well, the thing is at first I totally forgot about the picking bit which is very important <Lmaoo can you imagine?> cut the long story short I thank God for my friend Nonye who reminded me.

I started on a Friday night around 10pm, I sectioned my hair into 4 and by 3am I was just about halfway through the first section -_- I was too tired to continue but really wanted to see the end result so I didn’t even think to take out the ones I had done so I just slept. Sleep takes away all stress, sleep is bae I got up around 10am on Saturday and continued twisting.

Finally, around 9pm I finished the twists. With the help of facetime, my aunty was able to guide me through the hot water process. I dipped the end of the hair in hot water and using a face towel I brushed down the hair, this helps loosen the twists and for the ends, this helps them stay in place <not loosen over time>.

Here’s the finished look.

twists IMG_2974

Here’s the time I had a beehive on my head

TheBeeHive  Vamp

IMG_3222 IMG_3223

Here’s when I was feeling myself 🙂



IMG_3122 IMG_3107IMG_3090

Have a lovely week ahead!



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