London Day Out

Hi Guys! Hope your week is going well!

So, on Saturday I spent the day in London with my friend, Ayo and I thought to share bits and pieces of our day here.

We met at Oxford street where I stumbled upon this really cool brand called Etui Bags in Topshop, they make vintage inspired leather handbags. OMG I actually can’t get over these. The colours are so vibrant and they felt so good, like genuine leather. There were so many amazing patterns which made it so hard for me to choose which I liked best but here are 3 I randomly selected.

The bags come in different patterns, sizes and prices. I’ve tried looking up their website but they don’t seem to have an online store fully set up so I’d say if you really want one the best place to check is a Topshop store, preferably one in London especially.


We later on went to The Diner in Soho where I had a classic hotdog and snickers milkshake.  Check this red velvet pancake covered in berries Ayo ordered! This was the main reason we went to The Diners but we ended up not liking the pancake can you imagine? Lmaoo. The berries on top were very overwhelming.

I was to order buttermilk pancakes (plain, they’re my faves tho) but I was too full after descending on my hotdog so I didn’t bother. Here’s the berry covered red velvet……


We stumbled upon an art gallery on Bricklane, Shoreditch called Replica which I found it pretty cool. It was filled with all white balloons and they had really lovely drawings hung up. I made of video for the day, where I put together all the videos and pictures from the day, please check it out and tell me what you think 🙂 My friend and I also filmed her first dance video that day.

Here are bits from the day…..

Here’s the dance video we filmed….

Hope you enjoyed this post!




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