Review: Blog Planner From Cassie Daves

If you’re a new blogger <or blogger in general> you really would find this post very helpful.

I just thought to share the blog planner I got from blogger Cassie Daves. I’m a little behind on this <it’s April already> but hey better late than never.

Generally, as human beings we do get hit with ideas at random times but most times we often brush them aside. No matter how little they may be it’s always good practice keeping track of them. Those thoughts could one day change humanity or simply brighten someone’s day.

Being a newbie at blogging, I’ve never really planned out posts if I’m being honest. I’ve always freestyled posts but I do want to change that now, I want some form of order and consistency on here and that’s why I got this Blogplanner.

As a blogger, I think it’s really helpful having a planner or organiser. I really love that this planner truly helps me focus on my blog <duhh that’s the plan> but let me explain more…..

  • It’s got a blog manifesto page where you can write out a brief description of your blog, your blog audience, aim/purpose of your blog and how you intend to achieve this. The reason I love this so much is that, it is very easy to get carried away when blogging. Not knowing if it’s okay to blog about books, fashion, food or anything. So, this is a good way to define your goals and stayed focused.
  • There are two pages for blog goals 2016. Sometimes you need to write out your dreams to achieve them. It’s always necessary to go back to your reference point and retrace your steps once in a while.
  • What’s a planner without a calendar? 2016-2017 calendar right here.
  • This has a daily blog checklist. This is really helpful especially if you’re a newbie and you need kind of reminder as to what to do regarding social media and your blog, for example, replying comments, emails, sharing posts and much more.
  • At the start of each month, she included quotes from different bloggers! This helps keep you going should you require some motivation.
  • It’s got a page for each month to plan out guest posts and collaborations.
  • She’s listed out 50 blog topic ideas!
  • Pages to keep track of important blog dates like anniversaries.

Here are pictures of what it looks like.

Are you a blogger? Do you use a planner or an organiser to help you stay on track? What planner do you use? Do you think it’s helpful?  If you’re new to blogging I’d recommend getting on of these.


Here’s some motivation to get you started this April!


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