10 Things To Do With Your Significant Other


How are you?!

So, today I thought it’d be a great idea to share with you “10 Things To Do With Your Significant Other”. I mean, who gives better relationship advice/tips other than that person who isn’t in one?…Exactly, so lets get into it.

  1.  Take a break from “Netflix and chill”, why not try playing cards or board games. Plan out a double date with your friends, you could try monopoly, everyone loves that! <I always used the iron piece but now I think about it, it just might have been cursed. I always ended up broke with that piece :/
  2. Work on both your hobbies but at the same place and time. Like painting, playing an instrument…anything.
  3. Go to a bar or coffee shop and just talk. Talk about your dreams, your goals, things you’d like to try out….cut out social media and enjoy plain ‘ol human interaction.
  4. Take a road trip. Drive to where ever you like, soak in the change in scenery. Nature has a way of showing off, take pictures.
  5. Plan a vacation together. Sometimes, planning really does get a lot more exciting than the actual travel <dragging the suitcases and all I mean>
  6. Get a friend to do a photoshoot. <I do have some sympathy for that friend tho, I mean third wheeling and stuff but life goes on>.
  7. Go to a concert or music event. My advice, go see an artist you both equally like. You don’t want to see your partner lusting and hustling to just touch Beyonce’s finger or The Weeknd’s waves.
  8. Work on your home together. Redecorate or refurbish any part you’re bored of.
  9. Cook or bake together. This can be such a good bonding therapy. Play with flour and all that cheesy stuff you all in relationships like to do. Try Yummly out if ye seeks inspiration.
  10. Visit a museum. You really do learn a lot from them be it about culture, science, history, art anything! <Tip: Doing this, you stand a chance to be the next “Tumblr/Instagram Relationship Goals” when you post pictures as it is very important to pursue such status in life :)>

DISCLAIMER: I am not in a relationship. If you do follow these steps but don’t have a nice time….😊



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