Hair Review: Pretty Kinks 

Hi Everyone!

No, no, this isn’t my real hair calm down, I’ll tell you all about it already!

So, a few days back I received my 14″ kinky clip-ins from Pretty Kinks. I decided to go for clip-ins this time <my first time> and not a weave because I’m trying to wear my natural hair out more. This gives me the freedom to rock my hair and switch it up anytime I want to. With clip-ins you don’t really need a hair dresser, you just pop that kink in yourself and you’re good to go.

Okay my first impression honestly was “ahn?! Is this all?” lol. For some reason I didn’t think it’d be this short but then the word “shrinkage” popped up in my head. It smelt so good though! Just like freshly conditioned hair and soft like cotton wool… seriously. After taking it out from the bundle and examining it, the first thing that came to my mind was making a fro out of it….and that’s exactly what I did.

I left some hair all around my sides out and in the middle to give it that extra volume. In terms of styling, it does take a bit of getting used to, I’m talking about questions like how much of your hair should you leave out,  should you even leave some hair out at all, what parts of your hair should you leave out? All those questions depend on how exactly you wish to style the hair, how thick your natural hair is and the length as well. It all takes practice I guess.

The Clip-in came with “The Kinky and Coily Hair Care Guide” which states how to maintain the hair. It’s important to treat it like your own hair so it lasts long, shampooing, deep conditioning….all those good stuff to keep the kinks popping.

As I said I’m a newbie at Clip-ins but I totally love them already because I’m in control of how I wear them and not at the mercy of a hairdresser <if you get what I mean>. I loved that it looked so natural, my friends kept asking me about my hair, they were shocked at the “growth” well, now you know :p

Here are some first impression pictures. Over time I’d update you on any other styles I make of it. Follow the blog to keep in touch, hope you enjoyed this post!  


Snapchat Diaries:

🎵  Pat your fro baby, pat pat pat your fro baby 🎵


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