My Opinion: Tiwa Savage & Tee billz

My palm keeps twitching regarding this issue so, this is me giving in and dropping my two cents about the Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz situation. To be very honest, it’s no one’s business but since both parties decided to let it known to the public, its definitely up for some discussion.

From the many epistles I’ve read about this situation everyone seems to enjoy crying over spilled milk. “Oh it was very tacky of Tiwa to make such an interview”, “she now went to tie scarf so we’d empathise with her”…..blah blah and blah. BOTTOM LINE, SHE HAS DONE IT. THANKFULLY, HE DID NOT DIE, CAN YOU MOVE ON? What’s the wisdom in attacking her now?

Pause for a second, imagine if Tee Billz suicide attempt was indeed successful, and she decided to give an interview who would have stopped to believe her? All everyone would say is she must have made life so unbearable for him that he felt his only way out was to die. So yeah, to her the best thing was to talk about what she’d been going through as well.

I don’t understand why many people seem to compare her with Beyonce or Toke Makinwa, “Oh she wanted to pull a lemonade”. Like seriously? Can you see that this situation involves someone’s life, a child and a marriage? Beyonce, Tiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa are all different people dealing with different problems at different levels so its best to stay logical and sensitive before dropping your comments.

We could all learn a few things from this unfortunate event, especially us single people out there;

  1. If you have second thoughts, doubts or people keep warning you about your fiancé/fiancée you just might want to reconsider before you say “I Do”. You can’t “change” anybody only if they themselves want to and only God really has the power to. More so, marriage is life long and not child’s play so just be sure.
  2. It’s best to keep your relationship issues between you two and Baba God. Your parents and friends have no business with your marital issues not to talk about the public. The more humans involved the more the problem at hand, if people don’t know they cannot add their two cents.
  3. Not all that glitters is gold. If all your friends are married or in relationships wait for your time, don’t think you’re missing out on anything. By the way, don’t believe everything on social media.
  4. This one is mainly for the guys. In a marriage you and your wife are meant to complement each other. If your wife is earning more than you there should be no room for jealousy. Sit down and think of how you can get better, this has a lot to do with personal development. Keep yourself motivated, your wife would be a lot happier if she sees you making a conscious effort to get a job or acquire a new skill or even develop one. Your wife should not have to dim her light to let yours shine. Never compare yourself to someone else, not even your wife. This has to do with Tee Billz saying he made Tiwa who she is today. Yes, maybe that’s true but her talent, hard work and business skills have sustained her so far in my opinion.
  5. God. I don’t know how religious they are but I know the significance of God in every relationship is pivotal. He always has a way of solving things and making things better.
  6. To those saying culture demands she goes back to her marriage *deepest sigh of my life* culture this culture that, it is in this same culture that people find it perfectly fine to murder someone who steals with tyres and kerosene. I don’t who in their right senses would willingly want to go back to a place of hurt without taking some time out. And to the “for better for worse” people, in the bible as well it does say that one only occasion one is allowed <you don’t have to> to divorce their spouse is if infidelity is involved, just saying. Leave them to decide what they think is best for each other.

This really is a private and delicate matter. I mean, someone tried to end his life. It’s really not fair of people saying he should have gone to third mainland bridge. Whether Tiwa Savage tied “dormitory scarf” or did light make up to “earn our sympathy” is very irrelevant to the matter at hand. A personal issue got out, the least we could do is be sensitive towards the two of them and say a prayer for them.



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