A Mary Kay “Mini” Party


Today I thought to share what I’d been up to Mary Kay wise.  A while back I announced being a new beauty Consultant at Mary Kay. As a consultant, you belong to a unit and every unit has a director, your unit is mainly based on your location and whatever unit your recruiter is in.

So, yesterday we had a party to celebrate the Mini Cooper handed to the director of my unit, Alison! This is just one of the countless rewards on being on the Mary kay business journey. We had invited guests at the party and many products on display for guests to try on. I had such a nice time, got the meet and speak with the General Manager of Mary Kay who was present! (whoop!). Here are some pictures from the party….

  • Ali and her mini ^^


  • When you sign up to be a consultant you receive all these items in your welcome kit. This is meant to help you start out with the basics and essentials so as to learn the business 


  • I’m absolutely in love with the sun care and pedicure products, they smell amazing!
  • The room full, consultants attending to guests, there was so much to try on


  • Some products for the guys
  • Different shades, shapes and sizes….


  • I’m absolutely in love with the fragrances, and just look at those nail varnishes tho 
  • Give your skin some TLC with Botanical Effects. This set is recommended for those within the ages 16-25


  • The different skin care products for age


  • Some team members


If you would like to know more about the Mary Kay business opportunity feel free to drop an email or contact me on any of the social media platforms. I hope you enjoyed this post! 


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