Make Up Essentials For Oily Skin

Hi Lovies! Hope you’ve been good. I apologise for being M.I.A, life’s been quite busy over here pushing me around..but I’ll keep pulling through as usual ^^

Today I’m here for my fellow oily skinned people! I know the struggle with either finding the right make up products that won’t make you look greasy or products that would help your make up last longer without looking like a hot mess. So this post is about those I’ve tried and tested that work with my oily skin.


Before applying any makeup I always use a primer. A primer acts a base for your make up and helps keep your shiny skin under control. With the help of these primers my face doesn’t get too greasy. The Mary Kay primer is lightweight and sinks into my skin, it’s translucent and contains SPF15 which is great protection from UVA and UVB sun rays.  The No7 make up base is a very mattifying base when you apply it to your face and it helps your make up stay put. The Benefit Porefessional helps to minimise the appearance of pores, it is lightweight, translucent and feels very silky.


After applying my make up I use the Urban Decay Make up Setting Spray or Mac Prep and  Prime Fix + <I sometimes use this before my make up>. These setting sprays help to keep your make up in place and if your make up looks really matte you could apply them to get a subtle dewy look so your face doesn’t look too dry.


I love these Mary Kay Oil- absorbing tissues because they’re so portable that they can slip into my tiniest purses. I use these to blot my face when I feel a bit oily, especially my nose. Sometimes I feel I could pass as Rudolph The Shiny Nose to be honest but since I started using this I’ve let go of that title.

With all these products I’ve been able to control my oiliness more and I don’t worry much about always having to blot my face. Hope this post was useful! Follow to stay up-to-date and I’ll talk to you soon!

Remain Blessed.


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