You see my problem with people, especially none people of colour who believe we blacks like victimising ourselves is the fact that you really do not care about basic human life and how people should be treated right. And the reason you don’t care is because on the streets you don’t see your type of skin colour lying on the ground soaked in blood, you don’t have to think about how you would remove your hands from your pockets when you’re in a store without looking suspicious even though you haven’t shoplifted, you don’t see your skin colour occupying the majority of prison cells, you would not experience working 5 times as hard just to get the same recognition as your other colleague with a fairer skin tone who just breezes through. These are just a few of the many things black people go through on a daily basis.

We started the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter because on literally every level of life people with darker skin are treated without dignity, as if we all aren’t human. We’ve spoken, pleaded, prayed, shouted, cried but no, you still treat us like trash and even kill us. We never said #OnlyBlackLivesMatter, we have only decided to stand together as one to support one another.
To you people (p.o.c and none p.o.c) who say you “don’t care”, or “you’re not living in America so you’re not really involved” or “its not in your place to speak up”, you saying all that, not speaking up at all clearly means you are in full support of all the injustice. INDECISION IS A DECISION. If you have racist parents, grandparents, family members drum some sense into them. Teach them the actual ability to love and treat everyone right and equally regardless of their skin colour, don’t brush it off, have that conversation. Don’t let them negatively influence and fuel hate in you. [P.O.C = People of Colour]
“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu
This same girl, Tomi Lahren lashed out on Jesse Williams for his BET speech saying he was racist…. he was only stating the sad truth of our reality. Imagine this…white kid, Brock Allen rapes an unconscious 23-year old girl, he gets only 6 months in county jail because spending too long in jail would affect him in the long term (???)….but on the other hand, black kid Brian Banks who was WRONGFULLY convicted of rape spent 5 YEARS behind bars. Does this even make sense at all?
The world watched as a young boy fell into a gorilla enclosure and gorilla was shot and killed in an effort to prevent him from being harmed. The world watched as thousands rallied for “#JusticeforHarambe” with cries that he could have been subdued in other ways that would not result in death. Where are these people that could muster sympathy for Harambe the gorilla and what would it take to feel the same for a fellow human being?
In this video Tomi Lahren chants “leave it to the justice system to decide”, What do you do when your justice system is corrupt and against you? She says, “it isn’t for a sketchy cell phone video to decide”…..are you blind? You really can’t see Alton Sterling was shot at close range while pinned to the ground? What more do you need….binoculars…a telescope?
As I watched the video of #PhilandoCastile it just brought back memories of last year when I was in America, my uncle was driving me, my cousins and aunt, and we got pulled over by a cop….every time I think about it, what hits me is the fact that some people actually lose their lives in that very process.
How can you live in a country where an encounter with the police is a life or death situation? It makes me scared for my family there, my friends and I’m sure many more feel that way. Some times I just want to ask to those who hate blacks….What exactly do you want?….and don’t say “for you to go back to Africa” because you brought blacks to America so deal with the “consequences” of enslaving us.
There are so many protests, hashtags, talks, so many things going on to lay emphasis on the fact that black lives actually matter but since clearly none of them are working I can only say to my fellow black people, still embrace your culture, embrace your blackness, embrace that hair that coils up like a spring, lets continue to lift each other up, lets educate ourselves! Knowledge is power. Lets learn to build up our communities, give back, lets keep building our industries and never lose sight of God because through Him we will find strength and peace this world clearly cannot give.
Police brutality has been around for such a long time, in Straight Outta Compton we saw it happen in the 80’s. Back then there weren’t readily available evidences such as videos so, whatever “in defence” tales the police told were considered as facts and cases were closed. Thank God for social media as it provides real time proof, it’s so unfortunate that it still isn’t enough for the justice system.
And again, I see no reason why many have a problem with #BlackLivesMatter, we’re only standing together as one like we always have….and we will continue. Back in the days when things were really bad, when blacks were lynched, when certain jobs were not available to the “coloured”, when we were only allowed to sit at the back of buses, when we weren’t served in restaurants, as MLK and his companions fought for our lives, dignity and freedom so shall we.
My respect goes to all those who value human life regardless of the skin colour, I would like to implore you to continue your fight for what is right and you are greatly appreciated. 

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