6 Signs You Are In A Bad Relationship

I’ve had quite interesting conversations about relationships with a couple of friends lately and somehow these have always ended in “How did they end up in that mess?” or “Wow, may Jah save us from such demons in the form of lovers!”.

So today I compiled a list of situations I found common in those conversations. Here are 6 situations I believe if you find yourself in with your partner, hunny RUNNNNNNNNN!

  1. Your partner does not respect you. If you’re constantly belittled and always having to prove yourself worthy. Being in such a relationship creates an unhealthy atmosphere where one of you starts to feel superior and of course if there isn’t an end to it, the dark road to domestic violence begins.
  2. If your partner cheats on you, hello leave that place, please. Most especially if you two aren’t married because if he/she does that to you now during the early stages of the relationship, you most likely would continue being a side chick/man for the next “forever of your lives”.
  3. If all they do is request money, in other words, you take the place as ATM in the relationship. Hunny, it’s time to go.
  4. You both don’t share the same moral standing. For example, if your partner smokes and drinks but you don’t. At the beginning you might think it’s cool and that you can handle it but most times down the line there problems are bound to occur. To non-smokers, it can be annoying when having a deep or serious conversation and whoever you’re talking to keeps taking breaks to smoke. Like, do you really expect me to happily wear a coat and stand in the freezing cold while you blow that cigarette smoke into my lungs?
  5. If your family and friends warn you about that person, my dear, stand back and review. Most times you can’t really judge a situation because you’re caught in the middle. Sometimes, listen to the advice of those who can see the situation from a distance. Most times they’re able to point out specific characters your partners has that are harmful to you. Reference to No.3, because you’re “in love” you sometimes don’t think twice when you withdraw/transfer that “£100,000” to your partner. At the end, you realized you ignored all the signs. Most times, your friends can also tell if your boo has “been around”. Thanks to social media, everyone knows everyone so even if he thinks he’s low-key, one day you might get that screenshot that’ll shatter your heart.
  6. Your partner does not have the fear of God (a supreme being, depends on your religion but you get me). There’s a difference between going to church every Sunday and actually having a relationship with God. Besides, it is only by God’s help you’d be able to stay calm/sane during some petty heated argument or when you find out you’ve been cheated on or robbed.

Disclaimer: The points listed above are in my opinion, if you find yourself in such situations and you feel otherwise please live your life by your rules.


One thought on “6 Signs You Are In A Bad Relationship

  1. About your last point. Shouldn’t you still be able to be in a relationship with someone who does not believe in God? (I do believe in God). They can still have very strong morals and understand/respect your own beliefs? Very good post btw !


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