Ndani: Skinny Girl In Transit

OMG if you haven’t watched or heard about this series I’m sorry but you, my dear, have been living under a rock!

Skinny Girl In Transit is an Ndani series about the struggles of Tiwa, a plus sized young girl living in lagos, dealing with the pressures of wanting to be in a relationship and to be successful. For me, the thing I love the most about this series is that it “takes me back to Lagos”. From Tiwa’s mum’s character to Shalewa’s ‘sisi’, the slangs ‘jare’, ‘joor’….all of that makes me miss my city, Lagos because there are so many characters I can relate with.


If you’ve ever wondered what an average Nigerian or Lagosian young girl deals with, I’d recommend you watch this. Her mum cracks me up so much, her sister character reminds me of some friends, her boyfriend issues are so relatable… <I hear so many stories>, I could go on and on, yes that’s how much I love the series.

Season 2’s finale dropped today! I really hope Ndani continue with this series and don’t hold back like they’ve done with Sugar and GidiUp, I would be quite pissed….no really really pissed but yeah 🙂 I plan on doing a review soon so stick around for that.

Here are the first 5 episodes, trust me it gets better. Enjoy!


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