SheHiveLondon: Last Saturday was LITT!


Had so much fun at SheHiveLondon hosted by SheLeadsAfrica at Facebook London! Yes, I mean The Facebook!


So my friend invited to me this event last week and luckily for us she won a free pass ticket to the weekend events and popped my email in as her plus 1 so I got to go at a discounted price! The day we found out we were both screaming like idiots, it was just amazing! Lmao.

At the event we got to learn new business skills such a partnerships and investments, networking with amazing and passionate individuals who attended the event, connect with potential mentors and most importantly, doing all the above with melanin popping girls like me! According to google, the five most associated words with African women are; tribal, indigenous, poor, soldier and child. It was great seeing many African girls out there proving otherwise with amazing business ideas, plans and some who are already making things happen. And guess what?! I met three former high school mates as well and it was totally unplanned which made it even better.

We started off the day with an interesting “task”, that being a rap competition, we formed groups and were judged based on creativity and of course how catchy are “bars” were lmao. The group names were just amazing; Dynamite (my group),  Amazon, Original Motherland Ballers, United Melanin you name it, we had it that day.

The event lasted from 11:00am till about 5:00pm, we had these amazing speakers share insightful tips:

  • Afua Osei, SLA Co-Founder – On Building Winning Partnerships
  • Charles Sekwalor, Founder, Move Me Back – On moving back to our lovely continent, Africa.
  • Nieros Oyegun, Principal and Head of Corporate and Financial Advisory at W8 ADVISORY – On Navigating your Entrepreneurial Roadmap
  • Yvonne Haizel, Lead African Investment Strategist, Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc. – On why I invested

Facebook provided lunch, hold on, I need to talk about that workspace cause gah damn it was beautiful. If I were working in such an environment going home won’t be a necessity. The array of food was inviting and tasty…..that chicken sandwich I had *sigh*, did I mention they have a bar just for candy, just like people have just drinks they have for candy. In the bathrooms they also had toothbrushes/pastes, sanitary towels and all that good stuff we ladies need at that time of the month, basically, if you were ever in deep need, they gatchu. Before I get carried away, let’s get back to our main story.

We had an hour for lunch and networking, we were given a little challenge to post on social media about the event and the winners were going to get prizes at the end. Trust me, I was ready! Here are pictures from the event:

 IMG_6719  IMG_8847IMG_6774



Need I say more? I won, they were not ready! There were three winners and we were given treats from BathKandy! These smell absolutely amazing guys! Oh, by the way, it’s a not a cupcake, ha!

It was an amazing day really! Learnt so much about business and things I very much underestimated about it and never gave much thought to. I saw the great importance of networking, partnerships, finding investors and investments, looking deeply into Africa and how much still needs to be done. If you do think of being an entrepreneur, you can’t really do everything by yourself all the way, you would need to learn to network, that helps meet different individuals and you could meet just that one person who can be a pro at what you need or develop a friendship that could start a business.


As the event, my friends and I went to Wagamama to fill our bellies up with some rice and noodles before heading home. I had my fav dish, Surendra curry and the super green juice. What’s yours?


Their next stop is Lagos, so watch out for SheHiveLagos! So cheers to SLA for this amazing opportunity and for teaching me your cool lingos, hashtag MotherLandMogul, SheHive and of course Happy SLAying everyone!


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