5 Tips On How To Read More

So a while back I told you guys I was trying to develop my reading habit back again so here are 5 tips I’d like to share with you that have helped me so far. Enjoy!

  1. Move to some quiet place…..preferably the woods. Joke joke.
  2. Carry the book with you at all times. 
  3. Schedule some time (about an hour) to just read. Maybe while commuting, before bed, during your lunch break, just set some time apart for it. 
  4. Have another book ready to read before you finish the one you’re reading. 
  5. Keep track of the books you read and share them, by doing this hopefully people share theirs with you thereby increasing your list! 

At the moment I’m reading Get Things Done by Robert Kelsey and to be honest, the book seems like a reflection of me. But it does give some insight on how to work on those bad habits that hinder productivity. I remember when I first started I was like “OMG is this dude a male version of me?” I could seriously relate unfortunately lmao but yeah I’m getting better ay!

After Get Things Done I have two books ready, Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes and Lean In by Sheryll Sandberg. Any advice on which I should read first? :p


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