This Solid Perfume from Bath Kandy is BOMB!

I literally can’t keep my nose off my body….if that even makes sense but yeah this Bath Kandy Solid Perfume is liveeeeeee y’all!


I got gifted this from the She Hive London Event I blogged about a while back. This isn’t a sponsored post in any way, this is just my honest review promise.

I recall my friend just kept going on about how the “cupcake” in the bag smelt so good and how she was going to eat it if I wasn’t sharp enough. She was so heartbroken when I told her it was a candle actually lmao. YES! That’s how gorgeous these Bath Kandy products are smell!


I tried the solid perfume and literally smelt like candy and chocolate all day! What more can a girl wish for? I’ve had it on for more than 6 hours now and can still perceive it. Of course, I went straight to their website, can’t wait to get back to Lagos to see what they have in person and smell all that goodness. They sort of remind me of Lush just that Bath Kandy is a lot yummier if you know what I mean 😉






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